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Guoan Luo Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine

The application of systems biology methods to Traditional Chinese Medicine Emphasizing the harmony of the human body with the environment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years. It is a systemic theory derived from clinical experience, the philosophy of holism and systematology, and the belief that man is an integral part of nature. Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine describes how the latest methods in systems biology can be applied to TCM, providing a comprehensive resource for the modernization and advancement of TCM as well as general drug discovery efforts. It is the first comprehensive work to propose a system-to-system research methodology to study the interaction between TCM and the human body and its applications in drug research and development. Using three popular traditional Chinese medicines—Shuanglongfang, Qingkailing, and Liushenwan—as examples, the authors set forth case examples demonstrating how to find material groups, perform efficacy screenings, and conduct safety evaluations of TCM. The book also: Describes the mechanisms of TCM at the molecular and systems levels using chemomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics Places modern scientific technologies within the context of TCM, helping drug researchers improve experimental designs and strategies Illustrates how a systems biology approach is compatible with TCM's traditional, holistic therapeutic strategies and treatment modalities Presents topics of current interest, such as integrated global systems biology and the application of chemometrics research to herbal medicines This book not only opens a new pathway for the continued development of TCM, but also for systems biology. In addition, it fosters collaboration and discussion among Eastern and Western scientists by applying systems biology to TCM.

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Michael Szonyi A Companion to Chinese History

A Companion to Chinese History presents a collection of essays offering a comprehensive overview of the latest intellectual developments in the study of China’s history from the ancient past up until the present day. Covers the major trends in the study of Chinese history from antiquity to the present day Considers the latest scholarship of historians working in China and around the world Explores a variety of long-range questions and themes which serves to bridge the conventional divide between China’s traditional and modern eras Addresses China’s connections with other nations and regions and enables non-specialists to make comparisons with their own fields Features discussion of traditional topics and chronological approaches as well as newer themes such as Chinese history in relation to sexuality, national identity, and the environment

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Hot Coins - The Damage Is Done (2 LP)

Ron Guth Coin Collecting For Dummies

Can’t make heads or tails out of coin collecting? You need Coin Collecting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, the treasure trove on information on numismatics. This hands-on guide escorts you through the world’s oldest hobby, helping you decide which type of coins you want to collect, keep your collection in mint condition, buy and sell coins on the Internet, find interesting coin shows to attend, and assemble and diversify a great collection. The purpose of this fun, easy-to-access guide is to turn you into a world-class coin collector in as little time as possible. You’ll learn what coins can teach you about history and geography, develop organizational and observational skills, and learn to use analytical tools, all without event thinking about it. And you’ll learn the basics about ancient coins, U.S. coins, world coins, and the wild-and-wooly stuff that really gets your numismatic juices flowing. Discover how to: Start your collection correctly Evaluate coins using age, condition, rarity, and more Buy interesting coins without breaking the bank Locate rare and expensive coins Get savvy about avoiding fakes Get the whole family involved in your collection Develop a buying strategy Clean and handle coins safely Keep your collection secure at home and on the road Investigate tokens, medals, and miscellaneous coins Create complete collections of copper, nickel, silver, or gold U.S. coins When it comes to numismatics, Coin Collecting For Dummies, 2nd Edition is right on the money!

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William Lowndes A report containing an essay for the amendment of silver coins

Полный вариант заголовка: «A report containing an essay for the amendment of the silver coins / [William Lowndes]».




S.Lane-Poole Catalogue of Oriental Coins in the British Museum, Volume 5. The Moors Africa and Spain

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "Order of the Trustees", 1880 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.The Coins of the Moors of Africa and Spain: And the Kings and Imáms of the Yemen: in the British Museum. Classes XIVb XXVII

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Hugo Kubinyi Scaffold Hopping in Medicinal Chemistry

This first systematic treatment of the concept and practice of scaffold hopping shows the tricks of the trade and provides invaluable guidance for the reader's own projects. The first section serves as an introduction to the topic by describing the concept of scaffolds, their discovery, diversity and representation, and their importance for finding new chemical entities. The following part describes the most common tools and methods for scaffold hopping, whether topological, shape-based or structure-based. Methods such as CATS, Feature Trees, Feature Point Pharmacophores (FEPOPS), and SkelGen are discussed among many others. The final part contains three fully documented real-world examples of successful drug development projects by scaffold hopping that illustrate the benefits of the approach for medicinal chemistry. While most of the case studies are taken from medicinal chemistry, chemical and structural biologists will also benefit greatly from the insights presented here.

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Fedir Androshchuk Images of power. Byzantium and Nordic Coinage centure 995-1035

This study is devoted to a group of Scandinavian imitations of a type of miliaresia of Basil II and Constantine VIII struck between AD 977 and 989. The imitations were produced during the first half of eleventh century, i.e. later than the circulation of their Byzantine prototypes. Apart from Scandinavia, similar imitations were struck in the area of the Taman peninsula in southern Russia. What was the reason for imitating these Byzantine coins? Did the imitators and people of Scandinavia understand the effigies on these coins? Why were some Anglo-Saxon and Byzantine coins chosen as the prototypes for the oldest Scandinavian coinage? Is there any connection between the Scandinavian and Russian imitations of Basil II and Constantine VHI's coins? This book addresses these questions and contains a catalogue with descriptions of all of the types of Scandinavian imitations of Byzantine coins, and details relating to dating and find circumstances, as well as plates with enlarged photographs of the coins studied by the author.

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Joseph Harris An essay upon money and coins. P. 1

Полный вариант заголовка: «An essay upon money and coins. P. 1. The theories of commerce, money, and exchanges».




Frank Gallo T. Business Leadership in China. How to Blend Best Western Practices with Chinese Wisdom

In this revised edition of Frank Gallo's best-selling book, the author brings the story of leadership in China right up to date. With new material on Chinese leadership styles and the challenges of going global, the book is ideal for any international manager who wants to better understand how to blend the best practices of Western leadership with traditional Chinese wisdom. The content comes from a combination of English and Chinese literature, interviews with practicing executives in China as well as the author's own experience as a leader in China. Dr. Frank Gallo, the Greater China Chief Leadership Consultant for Hewitt Associates, offers sage advice on effective leadership practices for the China market. His key areas of focus include: the unique challenge and complex issues of leading a firm or division in China major areas of cultural differences such as teamwork, decision-making and employee motivation, between Chinese and Western business practices common areas of misunderstanding such as truth versus courteousness; managing a hierarchy versus empowerment; and dealing with the role of the individual rather than the rule of law implementing effective leadership strategies and development with a Chinese company. This timely book will ensure a harmonious leadership style that draws out the best from both Western and Chinese business practices.

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Catalog of USSR and Russian coins 1918-2018 / Каталог Монет СССР и России годов Coins Moscow (c ценами). Английская версия

Catalog of Soviet Union and Russian coins 1918-2018 Coins Moscow (with prices). - The cheapest yet the fullest catalog on USSR and Russian coins with pictures and information at the same time. - All commemorative coins are accompanied with pictures. - The common and regular issued coins are divided in types. If the type or the design of the coin has been changed, both pictures of both types are represented. - All precious metal coins have information on: weight of the coin, diameter, weight of pure metal, standard of fineness, mintage type, price and other. There are also information on the coin thickness and its edge. - The catalog is structured in chronological order - from old USSR times to modern Russia. - The catalog includes information on USSR local and special coin issues. - There is information on future coin issues with the estimated price. - The catalog is easy to use because every page has a head title with the name of the chapter you are currently on. Английская версия, 1-й выпуск, Январь 2017. Главные особенности каталога: - Первый в мире специализированный каталог по периоду 1918-2018 на английском языке. - Самый полный по наличию картинок и информации каталог по монетам СССР и России.  - В разделах юбилейных монет имеются изображения всех монет. - В разделах регулярного чекана изображения размещены по типам, с учетом изменения дизайна на монете. Например, если в монетах СССР менялся герб (добавились ленты в гербе), то картинки разновидностей присутствуют....

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Эжен Сю The Carlovingian Coins; Or, Daughters of Charlemagne

S.W. Chan The Chinese Cook Book

The Chinese cook book: containing more than one hundred recipes for everyday food prepared in the wholesome Chinese way, and many recipes of unique dishes peculiar to the Chinese, including Chinese pastry, "stove parties," and Chinese candies.Воспроизведено в оригинальной авторской орфографии издания 1917 года (издательство "Frederick A. Stokes").

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Eva Li Negotiating with Chinese

I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: doing business with the Chinese, you have lost at everything. The good news is, I will help you win this war. This book contains a 7-year experience in negotiating with the Chinese. The detailed review of all the necessary aspects for successful negotiations at any level. You will learn what is the difference between the style of negotiating with the Chinese from ours and how to benefit from it. Make the Chinese play by your rules.

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Виниловая пластинка Hot Coins, The Damage Is Done

Melanie McGrath Hopping

Sharon Leece China Living

No longer is Chinese style considered traditional. In this rapidly-changing nation, the pioneering spirit of a new China manifests itself in cutting-edge design and architecture. An insatiable appetite for creative new directions is leading designers to infuse their work with a fresh vision rooted in Chinese culture but totally of the moment. The traditional aesthetic values of elegance, subtlety and proportion and a deep-rooted sense of China's ancient culture and art are still evident-but modern materials and techniques now form the cornerstones of new design movements."China Living" looks at the full array of architecture and interiors, from high-rises to artistic retreats in former industrial buildings to refurbished courtyard homes-the array of lifestyle and design options in China is as varied as the country itself. From Beijing's creative formalism to Shanghai's energetic glamour and Hong Kong's latest technological and cultural fusion - all of the homes in this book exemplify different facets of an emerging identity that is uniquely Chinese and yet has global appeal.

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Rongxing Guo An Introduction to the Chinese Economy. The Driving Forces Behind Modern Day China

This comprehensive overview of the modern Chinese economy by a noted expert from China offers a quality and breadth of coverage. In this book, the author provides an introduction to China's economy since 1949 and original insights based on his own extensive research. The book sets out to analyze and compare the operational mechanisms of the Chinese economy between the pre- and post-reform periods and through national, regional and local dimensions. Both positive and negative consequences of the Chinese economic transformation have been clarified. A multiregional comparison of the Chinese economy is conducted in terms of natural and human resources, institutional evolution, as well as economic and social performances. At last, some key issues relating to the inherent operational mechanisms of and the dynamic patterns of the Chinese economy are also discussed.

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Pamela Crossley Kyle The Wobbling Pivot, China since 1800. An Interpretive History

This comprehensive but concise narrative of China since the eighteenth century builds its story around the delicate relationship between central government and local communities. Rejects the traditional view of China as a wholly harmonious society based on principles of stability – the Unwobbling Pivot of Ezra Pound's translation of the Chinese classic Zhongyong Provides an original interpretation, arguing that developments can be explained through an understanding of China’s surprising swings between centralization and decentralization, between local initiative and central authoritarianism Serves as an introduction to the subject, while readers with a background in Chinese history will find the book offers a personal perspective and addresses long-standing interpretive issues Supported by a variety of timelines, maps, illustrations, and extensive notes for further reading Places China’s history within the context of global change

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Lets Go Maldives Pvt. Ltd. - maldives resorts, cheapest ...

Maldives, Maldives Resorts, Maldives honeymoon, Resorts, hotels the largest tour operator, travel agency in the Maldives, cheap hotels, Resorts of Maldives.

Where to Drink SF’s Hottest Cocktails, March 2019 - Eater SF

Welcome to the cocktail heatmap, where drinkers can expect inventive takes on classics, unique spirits, garden-inspired ingredients, and all the latest in cocktail trends.

Top 10 traditional Greek foods to try | BBC Good Food

Don't leave Greece without trying our top 10 favourite foods, from brilliant baklava to super souvlaki.

Purchase the Tickets | Fuji-Q Highland

Check the Tickets. Fuji-Q Highland offers various tickets according to your request. Please check each Attraction , rates of Related Facilities , discount coupons etc.

Dining | The Official Site of The Bahamas

Dining San Salvador. Great views of San Salvador's shoreline and beach are part of the fine-dining experience at the hotels and resorts, which offer American, Bahamian, and European cuisine with an emphasis on French and Italian dishes.

Fuji-Q Highland

As amusement park in Fuji's base there are many " Attraction in the world", theme parks " THOMAS LAND " and " La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa " are also located in the park, amusement park which you can enjoy regardless of age and sex " Fuji-Q Highland "

4 Ways to Play Duck Duck Goose - wikiHow

Duck, duck, goose is a game that’s been played by young children in school, at parties and at home with their families for generations in the U.S.

Outdoor Games for Kids - Activity Village

Most children love to play outdoors, but sometimes they need a helping hand with ideas to get them started. Enjoy our collection of tried and tested games below.

Welcome To Bintan - About Bintan, Bintan Activities ...

Location Bintan is the largest island in the Riau province, area 1.140 sq. km, with a coastline of about 105 km. It is truly an unique paradise.

Giant Ibis | Bus to Siem Reap, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh ...

Phnom Penh Phnom Penh, once known as the 'Pearl of Asia', is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. It is now a cultural, commercial, and political center that offers a unique blend of traditional charm and urban bustle.

The hopping traditional chinese coins. Jiangshi - Wikipedia

A jiangshi, also known as a Chinese "hopping" vampire, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. "Jiangshi" is read goeng-si in Cantonese, cương thi in Vietnamese, gangshi in Korean, kyonshī in Japanese, and "hantu pocong" in Malay and Indonesia.

Chinese Zodiac Origami: diagrams for the 12 animals in the ...

Chinese Zodiac Origami: lean how to make origami animals representative of the 12 creatures in the Chiinese zodiac: rat, ox, horse, rabbit, dragon, dog, tiger, sheep ...

Bahrain Restaurants & Lounges | Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

Re Asian Cuisine. Featuring Wolfgang Puck’s modern take on traditional Asian cuisine, this exclusive restaurant dazzles with innovative dishes, art-deco–inspired design and stunning views of the skyline.

Allied Intent Xtended Homepage

imtheheadhunter has hit us with his second map pack for AIX! Included in this awesome pack are Battle of Kirkuk Oilfields, Husky, Invasion of the Phillipines, Iron Thunder and Operation Fox.


CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 (The Year of the Pig) Hong Kong SAR's Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, delivered a 2019 Lunar New Year message from Government House on Chinese New Year's Eve.

Jiangshi - Wikipedia

A jiangshi, also known as a Chinese "hopping" vampire, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. "Jiangshi" is read goeng-si in Cantonese, cương thi in Vietnamese, gangshi in Korean, kyonshī in Japanese, and "hantu pocong" in Malay and Indonesia.

training.gov.au - SISFFIT013 - Instruct exercise to young ...

Modification History. Not applicable. Application. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan, instruct and evaluate exercise for young people aged thirteen to seventeen years.

Flights to Palawan - Cebu Pacific

Book flights to Palawan. The largest airline in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific has multiple flights to Palawan (Puerto Princesa) from Manila, Clark, and Cebu, which may be reached via key hubs such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Singapore, among others.

Traditional Chinese Games - Activity Village

Enjoy some of these traditional Chinese games with your family, perhaps when you are learning about China or celebrating Chinese New Year. Some of them may seem familiar to you, as they are similar to games that we already know.

Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage, American - TripAdvisor

Reserve a table at Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage on TripAdvisor: See 4,449 unbiased reviews of Glacier Brewhouse, rated 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #17 of 805 restaurants in Anchorage.

About Our Hotel - Jasmine Hotel Pattaya

About Our Hotel. If your language is not listed below, use the Google Translator

Chinese Oriental Theme Props for Hire for Events and Parties

chinese props and oriental theme props for hire, best selection in UK with great prices and loads of unique and antique pieces, big and small. Hire or complete venue decoration available

Ancient Black China: The Mongols, Zhou, Ainu, Jomon, and Huns

As was shown with the Peking man nonsense, many Albino and Mulatto Chinese are loath to admit that they derive from Africans. But the fact is that the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and South Asians, have all been scientifically proven to be Africans.

Asian carp - Wikipedia

The original Chinese character for "carp" in seal script (top), Traditional (middle), and Simplified (bottom) characters

Leviticus 11 - NIV Bible - The LORD said to Moses and ...

Leviticus 11 - NIV: The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Say to the Israelites: ‘Of all the animals that live on land, these are the ones you may eat:

Jiang-Nan Chun | Chinese Restaurant Singapore | Four Seasons

Jiang-Nan Chun, our Chinese restaurant, presents classic Cantonese fare in a luxurious setting. Enjoy decadent meals in a beautiful place at Four Seasons Singapore.

CHANT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

chant definition: 1. to repeat or sing a word or phrase continuously: 2. to sing a religious prayer or song to a simple tune: 3. a word or phrase that is repeated many times: . Learn more.

Samyakk| Sarees | Sherwani | Salwar | Kurti | Lehenga ...

Samyakk offers the ultimate and unlimited assortment of Sarees, including “Kanchipuram Silk Saree”, extracted from mulberry “silk”, processed in natural dyes, woven by original zari where each filament yarn intertwined defines awesomeness.

Zipps Sports Grill - 83 Photos & 273 Reviews - American ...

273 reviews of Zipps Sports Grill "Went here yesterday for the first time. Had such a great time, the food was great as well as the drinks. I do have to say the service was a little slow but was expected due to them being busy. Great experience…

BeWelcome - BeWelcome

Join BeWelcome! Bewelcome lets you share a place to stay, connect with travellers, meet up and find accommodation on your journey. It is and will always be a free, open source, non for profit, democratic community.

Nightlife in Hong Kong | Times of India Travel

The best way to view the locales of Hong Kong is through a boat ride. Aqua Luna, one of the city's last remaining Chinese junk boats, adds an authentic touch to such an exploration.

25 Interesting Facts About Tahiti and Her Islands - TripSavvy

Tahiti and Her Islands are unlike any set of islands in the world. Here are 25 interesting facts about them.

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Holt - Town Attractions Including Restaurants and Bars

Town Attractions Including Restaurants and Bars. Head southwest of Greater London and you will find yourself in Kingston upon. More popularly known simply as Kingston, this area is notable for its historical and cultural significance.

How 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Radio Control Works

2.4GHz Radio Control Explained JUST HOW DOES SPREAD SPECTRUM RC REALLY WORK? If you've got, or you've been thinking of buying, a 2.4GHz spread-spectrum RC set then you'll probably be keen to understand exactly how it works, and hopefully this article will help you do so.

ABOUT HOUSE - (marunouchi) HOUSE | 丸の内ハウス

丸の内ハウス. 東京駅前の新丸ビルの7階に位置するフロア。個性的な9つのレストランやバーがあり、毎日4時までオープン。

Arthur Yeung The Globalization of Chinese Companies. Strategies for Conquering International Markets

China business experts analyze the next wave of Chinese corporate giants as they emerge into the global marketplace The rise of China and its major corporations will be a key economic development in this century. Even as leading Chinese firms show their muscle through ambitious acquisitions of firms like Thinkpad and RCA, many western investors and business leaders know little or nothing about them. This book looks at the rise of Chinese firms, who they are, how they'll change the global competitive landscape, their strengths and weaknesses, and how established western firms might meet the challenges and opportunities this trend presents. Throughout the book, the authors examine and highlight the major differences between Chinese and western firms, particularly differences related to corporate leadership and organizational structure, how and why they choose M&A targets, global workforces, and political issues like unionization. A comprehensive, expert examination of emerging Chinese global corporations and how they will affect the global economy Ideal for investors and executives of western companies Written by a team of top China business experts and curated by the editor of the Chinese edition of the Harvard Business Review For anyone who wants to understand the future of Chinese companies and the opportunities and challenges their global emergence will present, The Globalization of Chinese Companies offers comprehensive, expert insight.

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The Hermitage: Medals and Coins of the Petrine Epoch / Государственный Эрмитаж. Медали и монеты Петровского времени (набор из 16 открыток)

Pierre Lu Xiao Elite China. Luxury Consumer Behavior in China

A ground-breaking exploration of the Chinese elite's consumption of luxury products and their attitudes toward luxury goods. Elite China identifies the Chinese luxury product consumers and the characteristics of their luxury consumption, explains the implications for luxury firms and marketers and most importantly, spells out strategies for international luxury brands and Chinese luxury brands to succeed in Chinese market.

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Joseph Harris An essay upon money and coins. P. 2

Полный вариант заголовка: «An essay upon money and coins. Pt. 2. Wherein is shewed, that the established standard of money should not be violated or altered, under any pretence whatsoever».




Anthony Scaramucci Hopping over the Rabbit Hole. How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure into Success

Develop the Scaramucci mindset that drives entrepreneurial success Hopping over the Rabbit Hole chronicles the rise, fall, and resurgence of SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci, giving you a primer on how to thrive in an unpredictable business environment. The sheer number of American success stories has created a false impression that becoming an entrepreneur is a can't-miss endeavor—but nothing could be further from the truth. In the real world, an entrepreneur batting .150 goes directly to the Hall of Fame. Things happen. You make a bad hire, a bad strategic decision, or suffer the consequences of an unforeseen market crash. You can't control what happens to your business, but you can absolutely control how you react, and how you turn bumps in the road into ramps to the sky. Anthony Scaramucci has been there and done that, again and again, and has ultimately come out on top; in this book, he shares what he wishes he knew then. Your chances of becoming an overnight billionaire are approximately the same as your chances of being signed to the NBA. Success is hard work, and anxiety, and tiny hiccups that can turn into disaster with a single misstep. This book shows you how to use adversity to your ultimate advantage, and build the skills you need to respond effectively to the unexpected. Learn how to deal with unforeseen events Map a strategic backup plan, and then a backup-backup plan Train yourself to react in the most productive way Internalize the lessons learned by a leader in entrepreneurship For every 23-year-old billionaire who just created a new way to send a picture on a phone, there are countless others who have failed, and failed miserably. Hopping over the Rabbit Hole gives you the skills, insight, and mindset you need to be one of the winners.

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Richard Craze Chinese Astrology: A Practical Guide to Divination (Guide For Life)

The system of Chinese horoscopes has been in use for thousands of years. This astrology book explains the 12 signs of the Chinese horoscope. Readers can find out with which signs they are compatible and which they should avoid.Издательство - Anness

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Gerard John What was the Gunpowder Plot? The Traditional Story Tested by Original Evidence

New Practical Chinese Reader 6: Textbook

New Practical Chinese Reader is a new series of textbooks designed for native English speakers to learn Chinese. This series consists of seventy lessons in six volumes, covering beginning to intermediate levels, for three years of instruction. New Practical Chinese Reader has been compiled under the guidance of the NOCFL Syllabus and in consultation with the HSK Guideline. The objective of New Practical Chinese Reader is to develop the student's ability to communicate using Chinese through the study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge along with the training of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

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Savio Chan China's Super Consumers. What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it Them

Chinese Consumers are Changing The World – Understand Them and Sell To Them China has transformed itself from a feudal economy in the 19th century, to Mao and Communism in the 20th century, to the largest consumer market in the world by the early 21st century. China's Super Consumers explores the extraordinary birth of consumerism in China and explains who these super consumers are. China's Super Consumers offers an in-depth explanation of what's inside the minds of Chinese consumers and explores what they buy, where they buy, how they buy, and most importantly why they buy. The book is filled with real-world stories of the foreign and domestic companies, leading brands, and top executives who have succeeded in selling to this burgeoning marketplace. This remarkable book also takes you inside the boardrooms of the people who understand Chinese consumers and have had success in the Chinese market. A hands-on resource for succeeding in the Chinese marketplace Filled with real-world stories of companies who have made an impact in China Discover what the Chinese consumer wants and how to deliver the goods Written by Savio Chan and Michael Zakkour, two leading experts on the Chinese market This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants a clear understanding of how China's Super Consumers are changing the world and how to sell to them.

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A View Of The Origin, Nature, and Use of Jettons or Counters: Especially Those Commonly Known By the Name Black Money Abbey Pieces

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. ++++ The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification: ++++ A View Of The Origin, Nature, And Use Of Jettons Or Counters: Especially Those Commonly Known By The Name Of Black Money And Abbey Pieces; With A Sketch Of The Manner Of Reckoning With Them, And Its Affinity With That Of The Roman Abacus, The Chinese Soan Pan, And The Russian Shtchota Thomas Snelling Snelling, 1769 Antiques & Collectibles; Coins, Currency & Medals; Antiques & Collectibles / Coins, Currency & Medals; Business & Economics / Reference

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Farrow & Ball. Living with Colour

Iconic British brand Farrow & Ball began in the 1940s as a small firm specializing in paints made in the traditional way with traditional ingredients. Despite its...

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Yingjin Zhang A Companion to Modern Chinese Literature

This wide-ranging Companion provides a vital overview of modern Chinese literature in different geopolitical areas, from the 1840s to now. It reviews major accomplishments of Chinese literary scholarship published in Chinese and English and brings attention to previously neglected, important areas. Offers the most thorough and concise coverage of modern Chinese literature to date, drawing attention to previously neglected areas such as late Qing, Sinophone, and ethnic minority literature Several chapters explore literature in relation to Sinophone geopolitics, regional culture, urban culture, visual culture, print media, and new media The introduction and two chapters furnish overviews of the institutional development of modern Chinese literature in Chinese and English scholarship since the mid-twentieth century Contributions from leading literary scholars in mainland China and Hong Kong add their voices to international scholarship

12460.8 RUR



Wendy Abraham Chinese For Dummies

The fun way to learn to speak Chinese With more than 1.2 billion speakers across the globe – and with nearly 3 million in the U.S. alone – Mandarin Chinese claims the top spot as the world’s most common language. If you want to learn this language to get ahead at school or work, or to make your travel to China easier, this is the handy reference you’ll want by your side. Chinese For Dummies teaches basic grammar, as well as the necessary vocabulary to make introductions and greetings, use proper etiquette, make small talk, make transportation arrangements, order food and beverages, ask directions, deal with money, shop, access recreation, and handle an emergency. Concentrates on Mandarin Chinese and features new and revised content Includes major updates to all the necessary foundational information needed to speak Chinese Covers grammar, verb conjugations, and pronunciations Offers a refreshed mini-dictionary complete with even more vocabulary Find free conversational audio tracks online As the Chinese economy continues to grow, the importance of Chinese as a trade language will also increase. If you’re a student or business professional who has a basic understanding of the language, you’ll be poised to surpass your peers when it comes to dealing with international markets. So get started today!

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Maria Rudova Chinese Popular Prints / Китайская народная картина. Альбом

For many centuries the Chinese have decorated their homes on New Year's Eve with brightly-coloured pictures printed on paper, which were made specially for the occasion. In the nineteenth century the prints received the name of nianhua or New Year pictures. The emergence of nianhua as an art form was due largely to technical advances in the field of xylography, or woodblock printing, and to its various applications and growing popular-ity. Its origin can be traced back to the fifth century A. D. when printed icons and Taoist amulets somewhat similar to nianhua began to be produced in Buddhist and Taoist monasteries. Classical Chinese painting also exerted a great influence on the development of woodblock engraving and, consequently, on nianhua art. Traditional Chinese painting, which is closely linked to calligraphy, developed a certain repertory of subjects and artistic devices which were later absorbed by nianhua art. Some historical processes which gradually led to the emergence of this art form can be illustrated by a number of works of art preserved from the past. Although only a few of them have reached us, and there remain substantial temporal gaps between the surviving works, they nevertheless may be used as examples reflecting a general course of nianhua development as an independent art form. These common tendencies are the selection of subject-matter covering different aspects of Chinese life, the choice of artistic means based on simplified form of xylography (con...

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As human beings have transitioned to indoor living, the need to keep the natural world close at hand has persisted. While traditional houseplants bring nature to the...

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Yermell a Part / Red Aside. Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection

This is a stunning presentation of works by contemporary Chinese artists, from the collection of the Swiss diplomat Uli Sigg, one of the world's most influential...

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Development of Accounting and Auditing Systems in China

With the increasing importance of the role of China in the international political and economic arena, Chinese accounting has attracted more foreign attention. Foreign investment has increased and many joint ventures and foreign companies have been set up in China. With the growth of the economy and the opening up of the Chinese market, accounting systems in China have been changing. The purpose of this book is to examine major events and reforms which occurred in Chinese accounting within this transformation period and then to assess critically the impact of politics, the economy and culture on the development of Chinese accounting.

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British Museum. Dept. of Coins and Medals, Barclay Vincent Head Catalogue the Greek Ionia

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "Printed by order of the trustees of the british museum", 1892 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.

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Yingjin Zhang A Companion to Chinese Cinema

A Companion to Chinese Cinema is a collection of original essays written by experts in a range of disciplines that provide a comprehensive overview of the evolution and current state of Chinese cinema. Represents the most comprehensive coverage of Chinese cinema to date Applies a multidisciplinary approach that maps the expanding field of Chinese cinema in bold and definitive ways Draws attention to previously neglected areas such as diasporic filmmaking, independent documentary, film styles and techniques, queer aesthetics, star studies, film and other arts or media Features several chapters that explore China’s new market economy, government policy, and industry practice, placing the intricate relationship between film and politics in a historical and international context Includes overviews of Chinese film studies in Chinese and English publications

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